That blue!

Researching content for the blog we can’t help but notice certain trends. This time it’ s a color. That blue that is not navy, not quite royal, kind of like cadet, but more cerulean; it’s our favorite blue at the moment and we keep bumping into it out there on the internet.

This space combines ‘the blue’ with high gloss walls (courtesy of Fine Paints of Europe) – two of our faves mixed together!

Summer Thronton

(image source)

This room in the most recent Hamptons Showhouse has it on the walls courtesy of a floral pattern by China Seas (Macao II). Not only do we love the use of the color in this room, we love every other thing about it as well. It’s a fresh combination of vibrant color, clean-lined furnishings and a traditional floral.


 (image source)

This library is painted in a color called Daring Indigo, by Pittsburgh Paint:

Elle Decor

(image source)

We love this take on a traditional blue and white dining room and how a slightly brighter version of ‘that blue’ pops against the white!

Adrienne Chinn (image source)

The blue on this painted piece pairs well with turquoise walls:

katie curtis

(image source)

…and we love it as an exterior color, too!


(image source)

We also noticed it in our brand new Thibaut wallcovering book (Caravan):


 We are looking forward to seeing a lot more of this color!