First Look

Lilly Pulitzer for Lee Jofa

It all started from a juice stand in Palm Beach. For 50 years, Lilly Pulitzer has created brightly colored designs for fashion and accessories. Her prints and colors continue to inspire all “to lead a colorful life and live happily ever after.”

Now the cheerful designs you have come to know and love are coming into your home! Lee Jofa has unveiled a collection of Lilly Pulitzer home furnishing fabrics and trimmings. The fun line will brighten any space from the bedroom to the living room!

The fabrics are perfect for a girl’s room, a house by the beach, or anywhere you want a pop of pretty, preppy style. The vibrant colors and sunny patterns will liven up any space, making it come alive. Not only are the fabrics and wall coverings themselves lively, but the names are just as fun. “Shell We”, “Ruffle Me”, “Pulitzer’s Pride”, “Lilly Lace”, “Happy Plaid”, “Color Me Coral”, and “Hide and Seek” are just a few of the playful pattern names! Another creative touch to the fabric line is the incorporation of the word “Lilly” in the design of each pattern. If you search through each pattern, you can find “Lilly” integrated right into the print!

And get ready for even more Lilly coming into your home with HFI Furniture’s new Lilly Pulitzer Home Collection of furnishings and accessories upholstered with Lee Jofa fabrics. The pieces will range from the bedroom, to the dining and living room. The collection will be a mix of traditional shapes with classical inspiration offered in white finishes, crisp veneers, woven materials, and vibrant lacquers.

Lilly Pulitzer fabrics and furnishings are a great addition into your home for a touch of that bright Palm Beach feel. And they are the perfect balance between traditional and contemporary!

Best of all, Lilly Pulizter for Lee Jofa fabrics are available at Porter Design Company in our fabric library! Come check them out today!

(Top to Bottom)Pulitzers Pride in Daiquiri, Racy Lacey in Lush Green, In A Twist in Hibiscus, Shell We in Tini Green, Hide and Seek in Daiquiri, Happy Plaid in Pink/Green, Color Me Coral in Lilly Pink, Pulitzers Pride in Tini Green

My favorite! This chair is just so bright and fun!

(Images Courtesy of: Lee Jofa, Lilly Pulitzer, Lower Oak Lawn, and Preppy Princess)