What We’re Loving: Lacquered Walls

There is no question, lacquered walls are luxurious.  The process is labor-intensive and not inexpensive. Hours of labor go into wall prep, as the glossy paint finish will emphasize every bump and imperfection on the surface. When done correctly, however, the result is breathtaking.

Lacquered walls are a reflective and dramatic backdrop to the objects in a space, especially when darker or more saturated colors are used:

green wall

(image source) 

teal lr

(image source)

The result can also be subtle. Lacquered walls in lighter colors offer understated sophistication.

lt blue dining

(image source)

The shiny finish adds a layer or depth and dimension to a room, making it ideal for small spaces, like a hallway or small bathroom…..

white hallway

(image source)

navy bath

  (image source)

…and adds an unexpected pop of color on a ceiling above a neutral living room:


  (image source)

While true lacquering is not a recommended ‘do it yourself’ project, you could mimic the look with several layers of high gloss enamel with a coat of polyuerethane over the top. Also, Fine Paints of Europe makes a lacquer finish paint, seen here on the walls of this dramatic coral space:


(image source)

Or, you could use a wallcovering; Phillip Jeffries offers a paper collection which imitates lacquered walls:

pj lacquered strie

(image source)



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